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[Lowongan CPNS] Lowongan Kerja Migas 2013 | Pacific Oil & Gas

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Lowongan Kerja Migas 2013 | Pacific Oil & Gas
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Kumpulan Info CPNS 2012

Pacific Oil & Gas (PO&G) is an independent energy resources development company
operating throughout the energy supply chain from upstream through to midstream
and downstream projects. The company is involved in projects in Indonesia and
China using the latest proven technology and operated in accordance with
internationally recognized safety and environmental standards. PO&G has offices
in Indonesia, China, Singapore and Hong Kong.
For further information, please refer to:
Senior Geologist
Jakarta Pusat (Jakarta Raya) Thamrin
Petroleum system analysis including play fairway mapping and prospect
generation. Depositional processes and facies distributions in a variety of
Interpretation and integration of geological data for reservoir
characterization for input into predictive and dynamic models
2D and 3D reservoir modeling, including determinist and stiochastic geocellular
modeling techniques. Generating innovative and imaginative solution
Quantification of reservoir risk and uncertainty and integration with
volumetric calculations. Calculate volumetric and work with geophysicist (to
compute reserves assessment of prospect and analyses the geophysical risk
associated with it), reservoirs engineer and economists to propose production
profiles, development scenarios and work out economics of project
Prepare block or field evaluation reports
Participate in the geological study or review, assessment and valuation of new
exploration or acquisition opportunities if necessary
Responsible for the development of geological understanding, reservoir
geological model building, infill/appraisal prospect identification, well
proposal generation, drilling support, farm in and acquisition evaluations
Follow drilling operations and advise on evaluation requirement such as logging
and testing
Bachelor degree or higher in Geology
Minimum 10 years of work experience with a strong operating company
Relevant experience in exploration & development geology, acreage and prospect
evaluation, risk and uncertainty analysis and volumetric estimates
Proficient in using the latest geological and geophysical software
interpretation tools (Landmark, Schlumberger and SMT-Kingdom Suite) and
volumetric calculation software
Broad based knowledge of geology and geophysics with understanding on
structural and stratigrahic interpretation skills.
Written and oral communication, presentation and reporting skills are also
essential to ensure effective deployment and utilization of the Exploration &
Development Department deliverables
The ability to coach and mentor junior team members
Jakarta Pusat (Jakarta Raya) Thamrin
Prepare monthly financial statements, management report, and treasury report
including required reconciliation on a regular basis
Prepare reports to BAPEPAM and Bank Indonesia
Prepare operational and tax payments
Prepare and manage daily cash flow of the Group, including cash flow
Analyse and prepare statutory accounts
Liaise and coordinate with external auditors, bankers, and finance group
Candidate must possess Bachelors Degree in Accounting with minimum GPA 3,00
2-5 years experience in the related functions and responsibilities
Independent, meticulous, organized and ability to work under pressure and
Fluent in English both written and oral
Computer skills, MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Familiar with SAP R3
If you are interested to join us, please submit your CV to

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